Welcome all to the public information page for Satanic Portland, an independent ally of The Satanic Temple based in Portland, Oregon. This website is currently largely under construction, so please be sure to bookmark us and return frequently for new information and updates.

   The Satanic Temple (TST) facilitates the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty. Though Satanic Portland is not an official chapter of The Satanic Temple or any other Satanic organization, It was created by members and allies of The Satanic Temple to help unite our local Non-Theistic Satanic Community in the greater Oregon and Southwest Washington region. While Satanists of all stripes are welcome, our focus is on Non-Theistic Satanism and community activism for social justice, in harmony with the philosophy and mission of The Satanic Templeas allies to it's purpose and action. It is our hope that by the sharing of experience and information we can increase our individual effectiveness in the Left Hand Path. Individuals of all levels of experience and knowledge are encouraged to join us!

   This page exists to inform both the general public as well as the local satanic community of life and politics in local NW communities from a Satanic perspective. Satanic Portland meets once a month as a group to discuss local politics and opportunities for social activism and how we can promote satanic perspective in the greater Portland community where it would be of benefit.

   For those interested in joining us, please click here. Our group is growing steadily, if you are a like minded satanist or adherent of the Left Hand Path we look forward to welcoming you.

Ava Satanas